I help smart sceptics who like to question things use neuroscience, coaching & philosophy to create a  better life and maybe even a better planet.

About me

Hello! I'm Vanessa

I have been studying human behaviour for over 20 years. For a lot of that time I studied the behaviour of dead people. I was an archaeologist. I suppose I still am.

Always curious about humans and what makes us tick, it took me a while for this to morph into a close examination of my own behaviour (eek!).

My personal journey, learning about everything from neuroscience to meditation, has been fascinating and rewarding. But it was only when I started working with a life coach and questioning my own thoughts and behaviour that I started to see how lasting, significant change might actually be possible. This brought me to a deep desire to share my knowledge with others.

I especially love helping people make progress on creative goals.

I like to think of myself as a sceptical life coach. I like my coaching with a good dose of science, history and laughter (at myself, my brain and the world).